Results from the 2016 Survey

2016 Boone County Alliance
Community Survey Results

Survey Background

The surveys were disseminated at the Boone County Fair. Survey participants were asked questions including, but not limited to, awareness and use of the Alcohol Tip line, social host regulation, medical marijuana, and prescription drop boxes in the county. The survey was created to gauge the knowledge and opinions of Boone County residents on various issues related to drugs and alcohol. The surveys were distributed to individuals 18 and older. One hundred fifty-one participants completed the survey.


  • 75.5% of the respondents were Boone County residents
  • 88.74% of respondents were concerned about youth drug/alcohol use in Boone County
  • 50.33% of respondents lock up their prescription medications, an increase of 9.74% since 2015
  • 39.74% of respondents were aware of a prescription drug drop box in the county, an increase of 2.08% since 2015
  • 13.91% of respondents have used the prescription drop box, an increase of 1.36% since 2015
  • 91.39% of respondents believe that pain pill abuse can lead to heroin addition, an increase of 3.11% since 2015
  • 29.80% of respondents have heard of the Alcohol Top Line, an increase of 8.88% since 2015
  • 4.64% of respondents have used the tip line, an increase of 1.71% since 2015
  • 39.07% of respondents were aware of the social host ordinance, an increase of 6.02% since 2015
  • 59.60% favor marijuana for medical purposes
  • 68.21% oppose marijuana for recreational use
  • A new question was added this year to measure name recognition of the BCA. Before taking the survey, 37.75% of respondents had heard of the BCA.

About Boone County Alliance

Since 2010, BCA has devoted its energy to develop and implement individual and community strategies to combat the local substance abuse dilemma. In order to achieve its mission of a united community where all youth are drug free, BCA engages in activities related to prevention, advocacy, and collaboration. BCA focuses on prevention of underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse/abuse.

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