"We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together."

PSA's Created by Boone County Youth

Red Ribbon Week 2017

Stay involved in the right things with BCA. Collaboration is the key factor for a drug-free future.

Sports Are Cool and Fun

Sports are one of the ways you can stay connected within your community. If you do drugs you won't be able to play anymore.

Don't Let Drugs Ruin Your Life

George had a great life before starting to use drugs. Overdose is no joke, get connected and don't let drugs ruin your life.

Drugs Have Physical Affects

All drugs affect your physical appearance and behavior towards others. Examples include dark circles around your eyes, nose bleeds, losing your hair and bad teeth.

BCA Members in the News

Boone County Alliance Uses Zoo Trip to Warn Teens About Drugs on ABC Channel 9

Monday marks the kick-off to Red Ribbon Week, a national drug abuse prevention campaign.  For some Northern Kentucky teens, the week means a trip to the zoo and a scavenger hunt as part of a unique way to discourage drug abuse.

Boone County Alliance Ben Brown with Channel 12

Watch as our member Ben Brown explains what BCA does and how it has impacted the community since its inception.